About us


luso [lu·səʊ]:  originating from Portugal
cape [keyp]: originating from South Africa

We do what we love

Nobody should drink bad wine. Whether you’re exploring your taste in wine for the first time, or indulging in a lifelong passion, we believe the experience should be always be exciting and delicious.

We also believe that geography should never be an obstacle when it comes to finding the perfect glass of wine for any occasion. This is why we bring new, quality products to places they’ve never been to before.

We sell what we love

We're on a mission to share what we know and love. As a South African of Portuguese descent, our Founder, Steve and his team have spent decades exploring the rich wine culture of both these countries.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Lusocape is sharing their discoveries with you. These are wines our team has carefully chosen because of their quality, value and uniqueness and many have never been tried in Canada before.

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