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Grower Champagne Mixed Case - $520 per pack (6x750mL)

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The amazing Grower Champagne (Récoltant manipulant) Mixed Case (6pack) includes:

2 x Champagne Waris Hubert Estence Premier Cru Brut NV (750mL)
1 x Champagne Waris Hubert Albescent Grand Cru Brut NV (750mL)
1 x Champagne Le Guédard As100Blage Zéro Dosage NV (750mL)
1 x Champagne Goutorbe Bouillot Champ de Craie Extra Brut NV (750mL)
1 x Champagne Petit & Bajan Ambrosie Grand Cru Brut 2016 (750mL)

Region: AOC Champagne, France

Notes: All of the producers and wines above are known as Récoltant manipulant, that is to say they make Champagne from their own grapes and land, which they produce in small quantities. They are also all independent vignerons, while some are certified as organic and others as sustainable and having a low environmental impact. The Champagnes are also stylistically different,  and we believe showcase the variations within the region and also the incredible complexity of depth that Champagne has to offer. This is a highly curated and unique offering, seldom seen where allocated Champagnes are available in a mixed case.

Available for sale in Ontario, Canada.
Delivery in GTA in 2-5 business days. Rest of Ontario 5-10 business days.

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